Squire County Crier Dot Com

December 2003
Our Featured Business is CountyCrier.com by Kellie Underhill
Write On! Tip #8 -- Seems Almost as if it Might Make Some Sense by Kellie Underhill
Building Your Network by Brian Tracy

November 2003
Our Featured Business is Shop at Home with Richmont Direct by Kellie Underhill
Digital Photography -- Getting Started Part 2 -- The Zoom Issue by Jim Bond
How Safely are you Working on Your Computer? Safety Tips by Leslie McLaughlin
Write On! #7 - Sheesh! Whadda you know about it? by Kellie Underhill

October 2003
Our Featured Business is LeGresley's Building Supplies by Kellie Underhill
Digital Photography - Getting Started by Jim Bond
Write On! Tip #6 -- It's Show & Tell Time! by Kellie Underhill

September 2003
Featured Business -- The Fourmen Lodge by Kellie Underhill
Anyone can write articles for the web. Learn how you can
"I've Had it With That" Write On! Tip#5 by Kellie Underhill
Business Magazine Seeks Atlantic Canadian Power Skirts
Miramichi Airport Commission seeks to develop new business prospects

Jim Rohn
knows why Life is Worthwhile

JustKids Preschool

August 2003
Featured Business: JustKids Preschool - A Bird's Eye View
Miramichi Airport welcomes Help Desk Now to General Manson Way

Schofield House in Renous
Schofield Place

July 2003
Our Featured Business - Schofield Place Bed & Breakfast, Stained Glass & Woodworks, Antiques & Gifts by Kellie Underhill
Announcing - The Mighty Miramichi Web Cam
The Wee Ones Promote Miramichi with Francis Fish
Learn How to Email Photos in Tech Talk
Write On! Tip #4 - Would if I Could by Kellie Underhill

G & G Brothers

June 2003
Promote your Business - Beyond the Brochure by Frank Gallant
Featured Business - G & G Brothers Ltd. by Kellie Underhill
Educate Yourself about Online Shopping
Write On! - "Ly-ing can be Weak" by Kellie Underhill
Tech Talk - PC or Mac? Upgrade to XP?

McCloskey's General Store

May 2003
Write On! - "By your spelling, they shall know you" by Kellie Underhill
Featured Business - W.R. McCloskeys by Kellie Underhill
Tech Talk - Tips for buying a home computer
Costly Compassion Email Scams and the Nigerian Letter
You've Got Spam how to 'can' unwanted email

Marjorie's, Chatham

April 2003
Free Classified Advertising on Mighty Miramichi
Featured Business - Marjorie's China & Gifts by Kellie Underhill
Stop Twiddling your Thumbs and Put your Website to Work
Write On! Clutter kills - Make every word count by Kellie Underhill

Sarkis Collision Centre

March 2003
An Affordable Education - Free Online Tutorials
Featured Business - Sarkis Collision Centre by Bill Kern
Street Smart Economics - The Story of River City by Peter Manderson
Goal Setting Made Simple by Jo Ann Colepaugh
A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline by Jo Ann Colepaugh
Trade Show Smarts by Stacy Underhill

Giberson Transport

February 2003
Featured Business - Giberson Transport Ltd. by Bill Kern
Street Smart Economics - Bank Mergers? by Peter Manderson
Get Ahead by Using the Media to Promote by Kevin Nunley
How to Survive Your First Year in Business by Brett Krkosska
Leaders are Readers by Michael Angier
Five Motivational Myths by Jason Gracia
Dispelling the Top 7 Myths about being Organised by Maria Gracia 

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