December 2003
Mashed Potatoes for Christmas -- Atypical Gift by Andrea Rennick
Books Original Poetry by Donna Rideout
Good Rockin' is One More Addiction by Kellie Underhill
Wild Bob's Gift by Marie Foley
Aging & My Grandma Two original poems by Wilma Cook

November 2003
Sans espoir, sans vie par Sean Dent
Andrea Rennick Shares the Not-So-Typical Rules of Her Household
Irving Boy -- Original Poetry by Jason
The Purple Hat Rug Hooking Group by Carole Bates

October 2003
A Fishing Story new fiction by Tawsha K. Brinkley
Nothing typical here -- 
Not Back to School by Andrea Rennick
Dance of the Leaves by Joan Cripps

Gisli Sigurdsson

September 2003
The Sagas of the Vinland  by Gisli Sigurdsson
Somewhere on a River poem by Ray Asaph
Andrea Rennick -- not your typical Garden Geek
Original Poetry by Joan Cripps

August 2003
"Where I Live" - Original Poetry by Joan Cripps
The Adventures of Lyle & LilyBit by Kim Linton
I Could Be a Better Mother by Andrea Rennick

Squire with the City
Squire with the City
D P Stewart is the Squire (centre)

July 2003
The Squire Remembers the day "It Rained Fire" by D. P. Stewart
The Story of Two Couches - Another Typical Day by Andrea Rennick
The Winner of Robbie Tucker's CD "The Ledden Street Sessions" is...
Memories of Newfoundland "Who's Afraid of the Dark?" by Marie Foley

Robbie Tucker, Singer/Songwriter

June 2003
Robbie Tucker CD - The Ledden Street Sessions by Kellie Underhill
A Typical Life - "I Got Your Number" by Andrea Rennick
Trials for Disobedience - A New Friend by Marie Foley
A Backward Glance at the Girls of St. Michael's Academy on Graduation
Thinking of you, Dad - Celebrating the Men in our Lives

Painting by Mark McGloin

May 2003
Artwork by Mark McGloin, painter and carver by Kellie Underhill
Music in the Millenium, how to protect your lyrics by Dirk P Stewart
Places in the Heart, the Big Bartibog River by Joan Cripps
River of Abused, song lyrics by Dirk P Stewart
Celebrating Mothers! Somebody  doesn't realise there's no such thing as being just a mother.

Heather Somers, Classy Country

April 2003
Miramichi Opry Heather Somers releases new CD of Classic Country music by Kellie Underhill
Misplaced Miramichier Living away can be Hard by Mary J. Daley
Riding the Clampers Memories of Newfoundland by Marie Foley
Lucky Four A Children's Story by Joan Underhill
To Mom & Dad A poem by Lois Bourque
Happy Easter! Crafts, Riddles, Recipes and more for you and the kids!

Cathleen Richards-Green, artist

March 2003
A Work of Art (Cathleen Richards-Green) by Kellie Underhill
Toothbrush Talk, A Children's Story by Wanda Jardine
Searching for St. Patrick, a holiday celebration 
Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Larry Lynch, author

February 2003
Interview with Larry Lynch, Local Author
A Review of Larry Lynch's Novel by Kellie Underhill
An Expectation of Home by Larry Lynch, Novel Excerpt
Remembering Valentine's Day by Marie Foley
Local Poetry by Dorinda Glover and Jason

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