November 2003
Living the Dream -- Phantom Street Rods Ready to Roll by Kellie Underhill
Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Festival of Trees by Kellie Underhill
Why You Need an Education Plan -- tips by Money Concepts

October 2003
The Bug is Back -- Time to Get Your Flu Shot!
Maple Leaf Service Pin to Marjorie Reinsborough by Bobbie Cross
Miramichi Airport Completes First Step in Engine Test Cell Marketing

September 2003
CWL NewsPam (Losier) Richard Receive 50-Year Pin by Bobbie Cross
Miramichi Airport announces 5000 Square Foot Hangar Construction
Hospital Visiting Hours Change September 1st
Michael Elliott shares photos of Scottish Games

H.M.S. Bounty

August 2003
Tall Ships in Miramichi - Jeanie Johnston and HMS Bounty coming 
Napan Agricultural Showalmost 30 and still going strong

The Tinker Wagon
The Tinker Wagon with Bear and Lorraine
Bear and Lorraine

July 2003
Visiting the Tinker's Wagon by Kellie Underhill
The Tinkerman's Daughter - An Irish Ballad
Beaubears Island by Joyce LeBlanc
Middle Island Irish Historical Park
Boys and Girls Club Summer Day Camps Underway
Big Brothers Big Sisters Announce Mentoring Awareness Day
Kids 'n Kops Mini Police Academy

Since August

June 2003
Outdoor Concert for Doaktown Youth Centre by Kellie Underhill
Miramichier Heads to Montreal for Competition by Kellie Underhill
Purple Hat Ladies at TeaHouse by Joan Cripps

French Fort Cove Plan
French Fort Cove Plan

May 2003
The Miramichi Room - Dr. Louise Manny by Jackie Fallon
Dream Cottage - 10 Years on the River
Miramichi in Bloom by Kellie Underhill
Atlantic Salmon Museum by Bernice Price
Miramichi Celebration with Dr. Ralph Bell

View from Wilson's Point
Wilson's Point

April 2003
Independent Living Centre for Miramichi by Kellie Underhill
Scottish Interpretation Centre - Wilson Point Project by Kellie Underhill
Valerie O'Donnell Attends Tourism Mission in Yukon by Kellie Underhill
The Miramichi Room - Remembering Lord Beaverbrook by Jackie Fallon

Logo for the Purple Hat Ladies Tea Society
The Purple Hat Ladies Tea Society

March 2003
Poetry and Laughter from the Purple Hat Ladies Tea Society
The Miramichi Room, a new series by Jackie Fallon

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