December 2003
Express Yourself, Miramichi! Announcing an innovative new Contest open to people of all ages!
Keeping Your Family Safe Online by Leslie McLaughlin
Family Tradition - A Very Special Christmas Tree by Joan Cripps

November 2003
New Charm Bracelet on the Market by Colleen Kennedy
Putting Pet Owners Minds to Rest — Breaking down the Vet Examination by Melanie Carr
Drive for Winter Conditions — a message by Northumberland Driving Institute
How to Choose Quality Childcare -- tips brought to you by Kindertots Children's Centre

October 2003
Avoiding Bird-Window Crashes by Theresa McIsaac
Vehicle collision? Scratches on your car? Paint Matching Matters
Irene Shares Some of her Family Traditions
A Stranger -- a little airplane humour

September 2003
Vacation Log Newfoundland with Kurt and Bev Marks of Blackville
Sharing Family Traditions - "Our Hidy Ho Book" by Joan Cripps
Loggieville Rebels Ladies Softball host Eastern Championships
You Haven't Lived Here if You Haven't  Sue McDermaid's favourite restaurant
Talking to Kids about their Mom's -- Kids Speak!

August 2003
Find out the Mighty Miramichi Salmon Mascot's new Name 
Why English is So Hard -- a humourous but true examination of the English language
Did you ever wonder . . . some strange things to ponder
If Women Ruled the World . . . a funny way of thinking about it

The Mighty Miramichi Salmon

July 2003
Win a Free Summer Package when you Name the Mighty Miramichi Salmon

Tips from the Top
Brett Redden

June 2003
Hooking on purpose? Redden thinks so. Learn why in Tips from the Top
Miramichiers know You Haven’t Lived Here if You Haven’t . . .
Observing Nature to 
Predict the Weather Might be a Good Idea
Get the most out of your
Clothesline, some Tips for Summer
Think you’re pretty Smart? Solve these
Riddles and Puzzles

Gone Fishin' Send Us Your Fishing Tales
Gone Fishin'

May 2003
Tips from the Top - More golfing tips by Brett Redden, CPGA Golf Pro Gone Fishing! - Send us your fishing tales
For the Birds - Find out what to put in your feeders
Small Town Humour - You might be from a small town if . . .
Better Safe Than Sorry - Women's Safety
RCMP Name the Foal Contest

When I was a Young Lad
Memories of the Old Store
The Lebans "Memories of the Old Store"

April 2003
Tips From the Top - Golfing tips by Brett Redden, CPGA Golf Pro
You Know You're a Miramichier When. . . feed your funny bone
Astrological Timetable, all the best days at the tip of your fingers
When I was a Young Lad - Memories of the Old Store by Franklin & Lorraine Lebans

When I was a Young Lad
Pauline Underhill's "Her Name was Roseen"
Pauline Underhill's "Her Name was Roseen"

March 2003
When I was a Young Lad - Her Name was Roseen by Pauline Underhill
The Rising Cream 2 by Bill Kern

When I was a Young Lad
Paul McAllister's The Jack Knife
Paul McAllister's "The Jack Knife"

February 2003
Oils for the Skin - to use or not to use? by Natalie Katsman
Feng Shui with Style! Working with your Element Type by Stephanie Roberts
The Rising Cream by Bill Kern
When I was a Young Lad - The Jack Knife by Paul McAllister

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