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November 2004

Hello, once again I am writing to you. First I would like to say your new look is great and a lot easier to navigate. Secondly I was wondering if there are any "history" buffs from the Miramichi area who could perhaps do some articles on the Founding Fathers/Mothers of the Miramichi and surrounding area? I have discovered since doing genealogy how easy it is to get "out of touch" not just with family but also our birthplace. The history behind our birthplace is heritage and heritage is what I believe we really need in this 21st century. Thank you for your time, Frank (Matchett) Springer. Formerly from Chatham, N.B.

(NOTE FROM STAFF AT BREAD 'N MOLASSES: That's a great idea, Frank! We've contacted some people who certainly have the knowledge to write articles and hopefully they'll have the time to do so as well. If any of our readers are interested in writing these kinds of articles or about any topic that would be of interest please send us an email at and let us know. We're always looking for people to write articles and columns.)

The Miramichi? I am thankful everyday that I grew up in this wonderful place. Had a great life. I always called it my "Garden of Eden." Especially when I lived in Morrison Cove . . . only two families near the pumping station where my grandpa Savoy worked. Behind our house was the woods. I spent many hours there. Fishing, picking berries, learning all about animals and their tracks. I loved the outdoors. My grandpa made each trip to the woods a wonderful experience for me. I will never forget the place and the people that made an impact on my life.
-- Diane Savoy (nee Duplessis)

October 2004

Well I must say that the Bread 'n Molasses site is just dandy! Looks like it will be great fun for both Corinne and I to watch for the doins on the Miramichi. Right now I only know of 3 Miramichiers here in Kabul. Dan Kelly (the "main John" here at UNMACA) and Corinne and me . . . I would imagine that there must be one or two with the military types out at Camp Julien. I was looking at the map and thinking about a line from the Miramichi Folksong "The Days of Duffy Gillis" (which is very long) which went "were ere her sons are scattered, in the city or Miramichi woods." Amazing where we Miramichiers will travel to find work . . . also nice to see that we got out of that TO rut.
Keep well,
Gary Silliker
Logistics Coordinator
UN Mine Action Centre for Afghanistan

July 2004

I enjoy your newsletter very much, as a Miramichier that works in NS it is nice to keep up with local events. I would like to make a suggestion with regard to the Irish festival, would it be possible to have a spot on your website where people could upload their photos? We actually carried the O'Shea banner, so we didn't get any photos.
Tim O'Shea
(Editor's Response:  Hi Tim, Thanks for reading. Actually, we do have a Photo Gallery where we invite people to share their pictures either through a link to galleries on their own sites or by sending us their pictures to upload to our site. Click here to visit the Photo Gallery.   I notice we don't have anything up yet for this year's Irish Festival, maybe some of our readers have pictures they would like to share.)

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading Bread n Molasses.  I
recently moved from the Miramichi to Rothesay and it always brings me a
little closer to home.  Thanks!
-- Krista (Bushey) Murdoch

June 2004

Dear Editor(s) Bread 'n Molasses, WOW! You made it so much easier for all of your fans to get right to the heart of this wonderful electronic newsletter! The format is so easy to use, just a click is all it takes. You're just getting better as you grow. Thanks so much and I love all that is written on these pages. Have a great day and keep up the great work. Frank (Matchett) Springer.

Hi, just got this site from my sister (Barb) in Chatham Head. What a great site, really enjoyed the notes from people who live away. We visit the Miramichi every summer, would like to say hi to all our friends and family.    
-- K & L in Pictou N.S. 

April 2004

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Hi there, Bread ‘n Molasses. As a former CFB Chatham Air Force Brat married to a Chatham born and reared man, we offer our thanks for such a neat site. I check it out often, and enjoy browsing around for new submissions, hoping to spot a familiar name. I am sending you a picture taken from the back yard of our PMQ on Winnipeg Crescent in 1965. This was a fabulous sunset, and in the distance, you can see the cathedral's spire. Hope you like it.

-- Bob and Sue McDermaid

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March 2004
Editor's Note: Thanks to everyone who sent congratulations in honour of our one year anniversary. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you and we look forward to another great year!  Kellie
One year ago today you started to have "Your Say,"
And I have to admit, you did it in a great way!
Starting out had to be tough,
But you have been successful, you are made of that "Miramichi stuff!" 
So I sing a song to you and say thanks for what you had begun,
Because in the end, when it is all said and done, "Bread N' Molasses is number one!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of the staff of Bread N' Molasses and I look forward to this year with great anticipation!
Frank (Matchett) Springer. PS Please don't mind the little verse, I was having fun but honestly, I meant every word!!
Greeting and congratulations from a HAPPY reader , born in Newcastle, New Brunswick, now living  in Louisiana. I want you to know I truely enjoy getting the Bread 'n Molasses newsletter....Thank you ..Keep up all your wonderful work.
God Bless
Always Helene (Was Helene Robichaud)

January 2004

"Hello Bread 'n Molasses! I just want to thank you once again for having this site. What a way to keep up with all the great things that are happening on the wonderful Mighty Miramichi! I read each and every section and am especially pleased about this new contest that is open to all age groups and pertaining to ONLY the Miramichi. This, in my opinion is a great way to get family members together to share their artistic talents whether it be art, poetry, crafts, quilts or whatever! This should perk the interest of all Miramicher's and former Miramicher’s! (I love the name MIRAMICHI!!) Once again I sincerely thank you and all the staff members for your dedication in helping to preserve the Miramichi. All the best for the New Year."
— Frank (Matchett) Springer

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