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Bread 'n Molasses Magazine - Notes from Away

Are you searching for a long lost family member or friend? Want to say hello to everyone back home? Or wish someone a Happy Birthday? Send your messages to editor@breadnmolasses.com and we'll publish them in Sticky Notes. Please put Sticky Notes in the subject line.

Hey there, I just stumbled across this site and think it is great! I have been gone from the Miramichi for years now. I graduated from "ames M. Hill Memorial high school in 1973. Yikes! I know that is a long time ago. I'm just wondering if there are any other graduates from that year who are still on the Miramichi. I live in Barrie, Ontario now and work on Base Borden, but will be home in July for a visit. It would be great to see anyone who knows me from back then. And yes, I still miss the Miramichi. No matter where you travel there is no place like it. See you this summer. -- Colleen Donovan

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my family and friends on the Miramichi.Hope Santa finds you all healthy and Happy..........Miss you all Loads......Hugsssssss and Kissesss from Pictou, Nova Scotia

Dear Editor:


I just received my first copy of Bread 'n Molasses magazine. It is stunning in its presentation. Glossy paper, clear photos, and content that is interesting from begining to end. I am truly impressed with it and will enjoy it so much. It is a great undertaking, and a wonderful publication of which those who worked to put it together should be very proud.


It really does sorta stick to ya!


Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write a little note to thank you all, very much, for the article and cover(!!) of Bread 'n Molasses, and everything you have done for me! I thought it was extremely well written, the cover was amazing, and the internal content, layout, pics etc were absolutely fantastic. I am more than happy, that's for sure!! I think the whole team of Mighty Miramichi deserve accolades for all the great work you are doing! Unfortunately, I don't have all the email address's of those that worked on this project, but if you could give them a big Thank You for me, I really would appreciate it!! So, again, thanks so much and GREAT job!!

Alec Lawson Tuckatuck

Happy Birthday Gertie Daigle of Loggieville, who celebrated her 60th on November 27th, 2006. Love from Darlene, Marilyn, Ruth, Josie, Ferne, Gay, The Bonding Team


I would like to say to my son Shaun and Q in Halifax, NS, and son Todd and daughter-in-law Treina, living in Burlington, ON, who are expecting our first grandchild in April 2007 — Congratulations! Love from your parents in the Miramichi. Miss you, Darlene and Everett.

Hi there,
Congratulations on a wonderful site! I just happened to stumble upon it . . . I noticed on your sticky notes page you had some photos. I am an amateur photographer and would like to share some of my photos if you are interested . . .
Teri Fullerton
Editor's Note: We were definitely interested. Click Here to see the photos and find out more about Teri and an exhibit happening right now.

I would like to say Happy Birthday to my grandson, Ethan Daigle, from Moncton, who is celebrating his 6th birthday on October 26th. Lots of hugs & kisses & best wishes from all of us, Mommy&Daddy, Nanny & Wendell, Aunt Shawna & Thompson, Uncle Jason & Christine, & Uncle Johnny.

Happy 30th Birthday to Shawna Stewart Coughlanon October 27th. Lots of Love & Wishes from Mom & Wendell, Tommy & Thompson, Tricia & Ethan, Jason & Christine, Dad & Johnny, & all your relatives & friends. Have A Terrific Day!!!!

I would like to thank Diane Mullin. I got the information I needed. Thanks!
-- Tammy Clinch

A lady in the Miramichi area sent me a family tree of Herbert and Octavia (Matchett) McAllister. They were my grandparents but I lost the family tree due to computer failure. I really need to obtain it again as it has very important names and dates on it. If you have a copy please email me at tammyclinch@hotmail.com Thank you.

Hi again, still interested in locating a photo of the Mic Mac Restaurant in Chatham. It was on the corner of Duke and Cunard Sts. Would really like a shot of the Cunard St. side and entrance. Contact by E-mail : scotman87@hotmail.com

A big happy 90TH birthday to my grandmother Cecilia Anderson of Bartibogue Bridge. 
-- Love, Krista (Ryan) Martin and great grand-daughters Heather and Riley

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent online article "The Wheels on the Bus" [Grand Falls Unassuming] by Alexandra Chassť, but then I am biased; being half of the evil but caring parents of Alexandra [Sandy], her twin sis and their slightly younger brother. Unfortunately there are and always will be "snakepits" out there for 13 year old girls, but I guess part of their salvation was that at least they had each other for support; whereas my co-worker's daughter [at that time] was bullied similarly and had to suffer it through alone. But somehow in grade 9 or 10, things usually do begin an upswing which often continues for a long, long time. Sandy [and her sis] hauled off bucketsfull of honours, awards and cash at high school grad. Since university she has become world travelled, and today has talent enough to write these articles and be published. Not too shabby for that grade 8 country kid minus the make-up and designer clothes, eh? Sandy is a mother now and I can guarantee that she will never leave her son [and/or possible siblings] alone for a week at age 13; and oh yeah -- she still loves us and we are still proud of her! Thankfully, some things never change.
-- Chris Cutten-Chassť, Memramcook NB

Greetings from Northern Ontario, What a great place to come and feel like home again! When I'm feeling Miramichi withdrawal, I come here to get "connected" again. But I'll be home again soon for another visit, can't wait to get there!!!!
-- hugs from Shannon MacIver and family Timmins, Ontario

Happy 50th anniversary on Sunday April 16th to Joe & Alice Savoy from Chatham Head!
-- Congratulations from all your neighbours on the Brown Road

Hello Back Home,

Whilst searching for info about the Miramichi Folk Song Festival there you are. Nice page, thanks for being there. I am David O'Haire, born in Doaktown in ‘49, though I grew up in Upper Derby. Moved out west in ‘68. Had the opportunity to be back home in the fall of ‘05. Captured this scene at sunrise in Fredericton. It was great being back home. Driving from Molasses Hill to Newcastle I couldn't get over how many homes are for sale along the river. Sure was saddened to see. Doesn’t bode well for the economy. But as my father used to say "behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.” Therefore I believe the Mighty Miramichi will rise again.

I won't bore you any longer, but now that I know where you are I will be checking in often.

-- Happy Day Dave O'H.

I must confess your site is really cool!!! Great site, great idea, just all round great work, everyone.
-- Jennifer, California USA

I honestly must admit, I was never big fan of the song "Daisy A Day." That is until I heard Tracy (Chopper) Robinson's rendition of the song. Since then I have listened to it many times by this great artist. I must say that even as the original writer and composer of the song, Judd Strunk has never done this composition the justice that Mr. Robinson has. He manages to leave the listeners with the true feelings for which the lyrics of the song were intended. I always admired the works of Gary Fjellgaard, which was somewhat similar to Judd Strunk in the fact that they both wrote their music based on social and environmental lifestyles. At times throughout Tracy's rendition of "Daisy A Day," I would get the same feeling that I get from Fjellgaard's work. That of which you can almost feel and see the events that they are writing about. I also really enjoyed the guitar arrangement in this song. Really nice picking pattern. Looking to hear more from this great artist and going back to the Miramichi and purchase a copy!
"Keep Up The Great Work"
-- Glen Blackmore

Hello Everyone,
Born and raised in Miramichi, now living in Ottawa. Blogging is one of the best ways to allow my Family a peak at what's happening in my life. I try to keep it up to date with all kinds of stuff. I also use it to keep track of my friends' sites. Taker easy folks and check out MY blog.
-- Matt

You Haven't Lived Here If You Haven't . . .
What I miss most about the Miramichi — Eating a Ben's burger at 2 in the morning, all my friends and especially my family . . . Oh and the river. Nothing compares.
-- Heather Gallant (Cripps)

I am looking for a friend from Chatham Head by the name of Geraldine Russell. We knew each other around 1964-66. I believe she moved to Duncan, BC. I was wondering if she returns to the Miramichi area to visit. If someone can help me out with this, it would be appreciated. I am Betty Chambers from Halcomb, NB, now residing in Whitby, ON. Information can be emailed to me at bettyhuider28@msn.com
Betty Huider

Linda and I loved the article "Sightings" by Gisele McClafferty. It was a great one pager. Her e-mail address is not there but we wanted to let her know. All the articles are excellent. We always look forward to seeing the B 'n M.

Conrad Toner, www.mightygrandfalls.com

Hi Kellie and staff,

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the new look of your website. It is so easy to navigate and appealing to the eye! I especially like the "blog" page. Keep up the great work!

Frank (Matchett) Springer  "Tree Maker"

What a wonderful find Bread 'n Molasses is. I remember my mother and I sharing when I was very young. My mother was an interesting person and I can mark changes in her life and behaviour but . . . I know very little about her childhood, early youth and early adulthood. If possible I would like to write a book of poetry about her.

Born:  Lillian Mitchell Pratt

Either:  Glace Bay or Sydney, Nova Scotia

Birth Date:  May 24, 1914

Father's Name:  Andrew John? Pratt

Mother's Name:  I don't remember

Raised in Glace Bay

Large family, Lillian was the second or third youngest

Brothers:  William (Bill also known as 'Bink') and John

Sisters:  Thelma, Ethel, Florence (oldest)

Left Glace Bay in 1932? moved to Vancouver either on her own or to take care of Florence's children (Elizabeth and Dougall)

Father may have been a Freemason and brother was definitely one.

Help, help, help—she was fine woman with a great sense of humour and just as stubborn as I am (really stubborn). When I pouted as a child she would flip my pouting lip and ask for a ride to Sydney. Attached one of the poems from the book titled by the way, Lil, come out, come out, who ever you are.

Thanks for your help.

Andy Michaelson




If I was Renoir

                was Van Gogh

I would paint my mother

                sitting in her chair

                tired, asleep, in middle-age

                lines beginning to show

Lines belonging to me

Lines accepted from me

                with love

                with no questions

I was never a Renoir

                never a Van Gogh

I could not, cannot paint my mother

My artistry

                etching new lines

                on her face


Andy Michaelson

Revised August 12, 2005


Hello Miramichi

Maybe someone can help me with this one:

Looking for a Sproule gal who married a MacMillan; she may be connected to a Sonny Sproul--perhaps his sister.


Email:  dmullin@nbnet.nb.ca

Hi there, I am seeking a female born 1966 to a Leah Tozer. Her siblings are interested in making contact with her. Please contact kfmurray@sasktel.net for further information. Many thanks.

Dear Editor,
The National Film Board of Canada is trying to get people to support emerging talent by voting for a one of the five finalists that have been selected in the In Vivo Web Animation Contest. The winner will be sent to Aichi Japan for the Expo 2005. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping us by mentioning the contest on your blog and by providing a link. People can go to our website at http://www.nfb.ca/aichi to watch the short animations that are mostly under a minute. As a small incentive, each Canadian voter over the age of 16 can win 1 of 5 mp3 players.
All the best.
Jason Lee, NFB Communications Assistant

EDITOR'S RESPONSE: Thanks Jason! Voting closes August 19th, folks, so pitter patter lets get at 'er!

My name is Amanda Hachey and I have this beautiful picture that NEEDS to be posted to promote the Miramichi! This amazing picture was taken on a rock in the water at Middle Island at sun RISE! It should really be on a calendar or postcard! From left to right: Judy McCormack, Amanda Hachey (ME), and Jennifer MacTavish. Enjoy and I can't wait to see it on the site!


You're absolutely right, Amanda! This is a beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing! You can click on the picture to enlarge for full effect. If any of our readers have photos they would like to share, please email them to editor@breadnmolasses.com Put Sticky Notes in the Subject Line. And then check back often to see when they've been posted.

Grace Cirocco’s Women’s Retreat is coming to Miramichi, NB June 17 -18 -19, 2005. It will be happening at Camp Sheldrake in Bartibogue, NB (About 5 minutes east of Miramichi, NB.) Grace is a sought-after Canadian motivational speaker, bestselling author, and a leading authority on women’s leadership, emotional healing and empowerment. Follow this link for more info on Grace, the Women's Retreat and read testimonials from women who attended last years retreat in Miramichi http://www.gracecirocco.com/. Don't wait. This event will sell out. Be sure to register ASAP so you’re not disappointed. Most women travel to Ontario to take this powerful, life changing program. But Grace is coming to us. The price for the weekend retreat is $599.00. Your accommodations, meals, nutritious snacks, and workbook materials are all covered in this price For more information, email Dale Hubbard at pheaven@nbnet.nb.ca

A lady in the Miramichi area sent me a family tree of  Octavia (Matchett) McAllister. Her husband was Hubert. They were my grandparents but I lost the family tree due to computer failure. I really need to obtain it again as it has very important names and dates on it. If you have a copy please email me at tammyclinch@hotmail.com Thank you.

Happy belated birthday to Raymond Malley and Evelyn Malley, who celebrated their birthdays on May 25 and 26. Love you, Nanny and Poppa! -- Love Brad, Donnie, Glen and Tammy

I would like to wish Justin Buggie of Douglastown, NB a Happy 29th Birthday on May 15th 2005. Lots of Love from Nancy, Jessica, Nikee and Twinkles!

I would like to wish Christopher Marsh and Crystal Coates congratulations on the birth of their daughter, Skye Elizabeth, who was born on April 26, 2005. They reside in Chatham. -- Congratulations again from Mom and Dad in Cornhill, New Brunswick

Do you know a volunteer in your community who should be recognised for his/her contributions? Do you have photos of volunteer initiatives that you would like to share? Do you want to promote your organisation on a provincial website dedicated to volunteerism? Do you want to recruit volunteers? We can help you with all of this! A bilingual website on volunteerism in New Brunswick will be launched in March 2005. This innovative site, the first of its kind in Canada, will celebrate volunteers and voluntary organisations from throughout New Brunswick and offer a Virtual Volunteer Fair for New Brunswickers looking to volunteer their time. AIDS New Brunswick is hosting this project, with funding support from the Canada Volunteerism Initiative. Please contact Shera Stanley at 1-800-561-4009 or volsidaids@nb.aibn.com.

Hi there, I'm looking for old photos of the "Mic Mac" restaurant, inside or out. If you have, or know of anyone who does, please contact through "Sticky Notes" or email me directly. Thank you, scotman87@hotmail.com

Congratulations to Ralph and Maria Clinch on the birth of their daughter, Julia, on February 1st! From proud aunt Tammy Clinch, formerly a McAllister from Miramichi.

A lady in the Miramichi area sent me a family tree of Herbert and Octavia (Matchett) McAllister. They were my grandparents but I lost the family tree due to computer failure. I really need to obtain it again as it has very important names and dates on it. If you have a copy please email me at tammyclinch@hotmail.com Thank you.

Hello, I am looking for any information on my birth mother or by any chance my birth father. Anyone who wishes to contact me will be heart warming, after all these years of reserch! I was born Mary Hilda Duplessis/ Duplessia 20th feb 1957 at the St-John's general Hospital. Normal birth, no compicatons, I weighed 9 pounds 2 oz. Mother was 20 at the time and was 5 feet 3 inches tall, with a dark complextion. She came from a French Canadian background.
Thank you! Lucie Theroux,

I still haven't heard from anybody that went to UMRHS  in Boiestown yet. Anybody out there who could help me track down any of the graduates from 1980 I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Roger Amos, buffalotaz@shaw.ca

Are you searching for a long lost family member or friend? Want to say hello to everyone back home? Or wish someone a Happy Birthday? Send your messages to editor@breadnmolasses.com and we'll publish them in Sticky Notes. Please put Sticky Notes in the subject line.

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