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Topic Ideas

We are interested in any positive content of interest to our readers. This includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

Business - Success stories; start-ups; profiles; stories of interest to local small business owners like advertising, government services, marketing, grants and so on.

Technology - Local IT business profiles, success stories and start-ups; technological advances of particular interest to the region; website resources and so on.

Health - Inspirational stories on overcoming medical obstacles; advances in medicine; new health programs and initiatives; alternative medicines; healthy living; mental health and so on.

Sports - Our athletes; our teams; commentary; profiles; events; the players; the coaches; the venues; the sports; inspirational stories of beating the odds; success stories and so on.

Retirement - Planning for retirement; planned activities in the region; special events; volunteering; trips and so on.

Home & Garden - Decorating; buying a new home; to rent or own; vegetable gardens; flower gardening; growing herbs; rock gardens; landscaping; renovations and so on.

Fashion & Style - What's hot; all natural products; trends; beauty and make-up; local designers; stylists and so on.

More topics include Education, Weather, Arts, Entertainment, Hobbies, Travel, Tourism, Food, Drink, Opinion, Humour, History and much more.

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