May / June 2009

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4    Editor’s Note
6    Adventures of a Miramichier by Adam Bowie
7    Cal's Corner, Signs and Sounds of Spring by Cal Oglivie
8    The Unwritten Word, Preserving Miramichi Heritage, by Bernie Colepaugh
10   Eulogy for a Black Cat by Karen Tinsley
11   Grand Falls —Most Bilingual Town in Canada By Dominique St-Amand
12  Squarebriggs Preserves Stories that Matter by Judy Bowman
16   Your Roots Are Showing Queen Anne Victorian Style
      contributed by Shirley Anne Hannah
17   Amphibious Dreams, Poem by Allison Calvern
18   A Wannabe Fly Fisherwoman’s Thoughts by Dianne Hosford
23   The Ocean Guts the Heart of our Neighbourhood by Astrid Gibbs
26   Spring is in the Air, Poem by Annabel Sheila
27   When I Was a Young Lad, Spring Waters Run Deep by Wayne Curtis
30   Whose Boy 'R You? DNA of Local Man Identifies Whitney Lineage    
by Dianne Mullin
32   At Home with the Children by Charline Cormier-Pellerin
33   Saving Money Means More Life Options, My Addiction Costs Too Much by Bill Allin
34   Coyote's Kitchen, Chicken & Mushroom Lasagna by Allyson Kenning
35   Community Calendar
36   Warm Welcome to Newest Crew Member!
37   Ad Index
37   Read! Read! Read!
38   Suffering to Appreciate a Canadian Summer
by Angela McAffee

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